Day 4 – Fort Nelson – Edmonton

12 Sep

No pictures today. It was a long and boring drive. From Fort Nelson to Fort St. John, there is not much other than a few service stops and trees. Scenery is pleasant but nothing dramatic. As soon as you hit Fort St. John, “civilization” begins in force, and the agricultural plains of Alberta begin. More towns, lots more cars. The thing I noticed the most today was how much I missed the quiet and peace of my first 3 days. The further SE I drove, the busier it got, and the more stressed on the road I began to feel.

Tonight in Edmonton I was told by the front desk gal to bring all my things in from my car because of the high amount of theft. Great. That nice peaceful time is officially over, at least for tonight!

Tomorrow I’m either going to drive to Regina, SK, or Minot ND, depending on how I feel. My neck is killing me today, so not sure if I’ll be able to hack a long day. But I’m ready to push to the end now that the interesting part is over….

More tomorrow!


One Response to “Day 4 – Fort Nelson – Edmonton”

  1. Sai Guttapalli September 13, 2012 at 2:17 am #

    Whats the destination ?

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