Facebook and My Decision to Ditch It

2 Oct

So, I’m hoping my friends will visit this blog since I’ve decided to give up on Facebook. I still want to keep in touch with people, but am not happy with mainstream social media anymore. There are a couple of reasons. One is that I feel it leads to a superficiality in relationships. We see snippets of what people are thinking or doing, and we update the same ourselves. And then we think we know what’s going on with folks. But it’s just not so. I really would prefer, with folks I can’t see on a regular basis, to speak on the phone, email, and even *gasp* write letters. I miss more meaningful dialogue, and Facebook encourages us to be lazy in this regards.

My other reason for getting rid of Facebook is my concern and a little bit of paranoia with internet security and privacy. We have so much (very random) personal information on a web platform that we don’t control. I do think that the internet has the potential to be used in harmful ways, and I think as technology advances people, even countries, will choose to control it for the wrong reasons. I may seem crazy and a conspiracy theorist in this regard, but I think it’s grounded in a bit of logic too. While the internet can be great for research, for transparency regarding institutions, and for spreading information, it can also be used for controlling information, invasion of privacy, and infringing on rights.

You may say “but your blog is full of personal information!”. That’s true. But for now I believe it is more benign, and I know what I type in here can be for anyone to read, as opposed to believing that Facebook is providing us with some form of privacy and protection of our information and details. So what I write will be tempered in that regard.

I’ll miss seeing the snippets of life from friends, but I hope I can enter into more meaningful dialogue with many folks again, and those that I lose touch with, perhaps it’s just the way it’s meant to be.


One Response to “Facebook and My Decision to Ditch It”

  1. Alli October 7, 2012 at 9:09 pm #

    now I am paranoid about FB 😉

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