I Am Not Good At Blogging

13 Nov

So, I assumed that I wouldn’t keep up with this very well. And I was right. But let’s see if I can provide at least occasional updates.

I had a great trip back up the Alcan. I don’t have any photo updates for now as my camera battery is dead and the camera is also in the fiancee’s apartment, not mine. It was nice having company this time around, with the man up to Grande Prairie, AB and a friend from Montana to Anchorage. Had one blow out up in the Yukon (trailer tire), but a nice man and his son from the local saw mill stopped and helped us. Was much colder going back (as one would expect), and lots of snow a long the way. Was incredibly beautiful, especially up in the Yukon. Liard Hotsprings was also more fun, as it was snowing while we soaked. Thankfully customs was a breeze despite my getting amped up for a fight. I think we actually found the nicest CBP agent in the United States at the Alaskan entry point. They should use him as a trainer. I think I enjoyed our night in Tok the most, as it was cold and snowy, and we stayed in a really lovely cabin (Caribou Cabins – if you are ever in Tok and not camping this is where I would recommend!). But it was nice to get home.

It’s been nice being back in Anchorage, although the winter has been fairly lame to date – cold but minimal snow. We are supposed to get some this week, fingers crossed. There is no point in cold weather without snow!

The man’s job is no longer on the line, so another offer was put on a home which was accepted. It’s a great a place that we both love, needs no work, and is in a great location with access to lots of things by foot. Hopefully he’ll move in before Christmas.

I’m in the midst of starting to look for work, but am finding it a challenge to even know what direction to head. So, will probably utilize a headhunter to help out with this. I still do not miss the old line of work at all, and have no desire to get involved in it again any time soon.

The election was a disappointment but not a surprise. We’ll see how things go for the next 4 years.

Next week am heading back to NC for thanksgiving but primarily to pick up the dog and meet with the contractor who will be doing work on the NC house. I am hoping that will be my last trip out of the state for a good while to come.

That’s about it these days. Let me know how you are!


2 Responses to “I Am Not Good At Blogging”

  1. Alli November 14, 2012 at 7:33 pm #

    Nat wants to know if we are going to get to see you at Thanksgiving but we are headed North. If you need to stay at the house, just let me know you’ll be there so you don’t scare the cat sitter 😉 My house is always unlocked! haha!

  2. himesmcgill November 19, 2012 at 9:00 am #

    Hey lady…sorry you won’t be around! I think my trip there will just be for an afternoon anyway. I’ll let you know if I need to stay though, thanks so much! And glad Nat is home. 🙂

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