Hockey, Snow-less, Houses, Etc.

19 Nov

So, Friday I went to my first Alaska Aces game (minor-league pro team). Good fun, I don’t believe I’ve seen a hockey game in person since 1988. They won in overtime. We definitely would like to go to more games. Crowd was fairly tame though (as were the teams, where were the fights???), until the 3rd period when enough beer had been consumed that folks seemed to get a bit rowdier.  Next game I will buy a cowbell. Need more cowbell.

Still lacking in snow here. Maybe 2 inches on the ground. No skiing, no snow-shoeing, none of the activities that make the cold lots of fun. And it is cold. Just not snowing. Come on winter!

I’m enjoying my little apartment. It’s very cozy (read: small) and great for one person.

Hit church this morning, sermon was about going to church regularly. We had to laugh, as we have been lame about this. Anyway, spurred on to get back into it as a more regular part of life.

In two days leaving to head East. Not looking forward to the travel. I think I mentioned this already.  Will be good to see family however.

Don’t really miss Facebook!

That’s it for now….


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