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Tropical Breezes in Anchorage

31 Dec

Yes, it’s warm. This is the third day I’ve woken to 40+ temps. And somehow that translates to melted snow and icy streets and sidewalks. Dog walks have become a great core strengthener as I try to maintain my balance – I have no idea why I keep forgetting my Yak Trax.¬†


This is a footpath on my morning walk – that is solid ice. And it was somewhat amusing to watch all the turning cars practically spin out. No, no accidents. That would not be amusing. ūüôā

I hope it cools down and we get snow to cover this up, just to make walking a bit more pleasant. 

Winter in Alaska – tropical breezes or arctic blasts, who knows what tomorrow will bring…



Gubment and Big Ag

29 Dec

Well, isn’t this cute?


Downton Abbey

28 Dec

So – have seen Season 3 and tonight Episode 1 of Season 4 – and oh my goodness. Will not spoil it for anyone, but I have to say that while I enjoyed it immensely, I am pissed about what they did to some of the characters! Am looking forward to the rest of the season and seeing what unfolds….

Hope Everyone Had a Merry Christmas!

27 Dec

Another Christmas has come and gone. It seems the build up to the season from a commercial perspective just gets longer and longer. And then suddenly – bam! – it’s done. We kept Christmas very simple this year. We did get a tree, and kicked off with a Christmas Eve service (the main point??), but even food (where I normally go a bit nuts with baking and cooking) was a simple but nice meal, a couple of presents exchanged, and an evening with some friends. Anyway, I hope all of you had a nice time with family and/or friends.¬†

I’m still enjoying eating a plant-based diet (although I did have a few slips on Christmas!), and feel so much better for it. I never want to get fanatical about it, but for now it has really been great for my system. I have recently gotten into making my own almond and soy milk. Both have worked great, and when you make them yourself from organic, non-GMO and pure ingredients, taste a thousand times better as well.¬†

Because I have all this spare time on my hands, I’ve been doing a lot of reading on nutrition and agriculture and all the associated. I found an interesting website, the Cornucopia Institute, and they have loads of info that I think many of my pals would find enlightening (or interesting or agreeable). I think in general as a nation we are too lackadaisical about how corporate agriculture has really taken the health out of a lot of our food. I’ve been reading stuff by Joel Salatin for years, and for the life of me can’t understand why this is not the model for our food supply. Well, I do understand, and I think we have politicians, lobbyists, and corruption in the government to thank (and yes, this issue crosses all party lines!). Why don’t people get upset over this?

Anyway…the temps are warm, the sky is blue and the snow is clean, so this¬†beautiful day needs to be taken advantage of. A nice long walk is in order I think….

Bye to the World, and Hello Apple Butter

21 Dec

So the world is ending today, right? Those pesky Mayans. To celebrate, I’ve made apple butter and am about to embark on pumpkin butter. Both recipes I obtained from the website Oh She Glows, which is a great resource for tasty plant-based cooking. A link to the apple butter recipe is here: Oh She Glows Apple Butter It’s really easy (practically effort-free), made in the slow cooker.

apple butter

Notice my fancy food styling with the lux iPhone 3G camera? I know you’re jealous.

It’s been pretty chilly as of late, single digits down to the negative digits. I still enjoy it though – I find I have more energy in the cold than in the warmth.

Today is also the winter solstice (wow, big day – end of world, solstice AND apple and pumpkin butter!). Will be nice to start extending our days again – it is hard to get out of bed in the mornings!

Well, I’m off for more mason jars for my upcoming pumpkin butter, before the world ends and the shops close. I know, the excitement never ceases round here….


Dog’s Life

11 Dec

Dog's Life

The ride here was hell, but the end result is pretty good.

Snow At Last

10 Dec

Well finally. We got about 3 inches. Big whoop. It’s supposed to keep up all week, so let’s see. I really want to x-country ski….

The snow also seems to bring out the worst in driving. You would think that in a place like Alaska people would be skilled at winter driving. Not so. People drive like idiots. There are also quite a few inebriates walking on the roads at night, which presents an additional challenge.

I still don’t feel in the Christmas spirit, do you? I haven’t done cards, presents, decorations, baking, anything. I’m kind of ok with it. Although I believe if I’d seen the human orb dreidel ball, I would be fully on-board.