Ice Carving

9 Jan

Anchorage has a town square (downtown), where they have an annual ice carving competition. We popped down to see it this evening. I have to say, I wasn’t hugely impressed. I’ll need to go back in the daytime and perhaps I’ll have a different opinion. I appreciate this takes a lot of skill, and I would have a hard time carving a simple square. Once again the poor-quality pictures were taken on my outdated iPhone, I’ll need to start carrying a camera. That said, we have….

Monkey Pointing at Cactus on Mermaid Fin Ice Sculpture


Bubble People Playing With Bubbles Ice Sculpture

ImageAnd finally that classic winter theme of….

Knight Rider Ice Sculpture

ImageI just noticed that they spelled “Knight” without the “i”. I guess it is hard to correct those kind of mistakes (unless you have access to a hair dryer).

They have also iced down a large part of the park so that it’s a big skating rink, which is really cool. We didn’t see anyone skating but were looking for puddles of frozen vomit given it’s location.  Just joking.


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