Has it Been That Long Again?

10 Apr

Oh, I am dreadful at this. I knew I would be. At least I’m updating once a month!

So….spring is not here. It sort of was, and snow was melting, and then it came back with a vengeance as we had around 18″ of snow dumped on us over the last few days. More is predicted later this week. Wow! I’m getting ready for spring, but I think I’ll go for a ski tomorrow and enjoy it while it’s still there. 

The days are getting long though…sun is setting after 9pm now. It’s throwing me off, and making it hard to keep track of time.

I accepted a job offer from a large corporation, then decided during the training it wasn’t for me, so after two weeks I left. I knew going into it this would happen…but at least I tried. I was clear with them as well that I wasn’t sure this was a great fit. Ah well.

Had a second interview for a job I’d really like, and hopefully the final interview next week. It’s not a sure thing, but I’d sure like it to work out. If not though, something else is around the corner.

Finished all  my tax paperwork tonight…that was a bear, digging up all the expenses. After I ran numbers through a simple tax estimator I am pretty sure I am on target and won’t owe anything. I hope this is right….

Otherwise, just plugging along. The training I went to was in Portland so it was nice to have some decent weather and be in a different place for a spell. But I was really glad to get back home. 



That’s about all I have to report.



One Response to “Has it Been That Long Again?”

  1. Alli April 16, 2013 at 3:12 am #

    yes it has been that long 😉

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