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Proof Positive

30 May

Time to start planting….




25 May

It’s finally warm here. Yesterday was 60 and I was able to sit outside after work and have a couple of beers with a work colleague. The sky is light ’til 11.30 or midnight, I’m not sure as I usually can’t keep my eyes open until then. So it’s time to think about a few flowers and other green goodies to place outside without risk of freezing. Yee ha!

I was supposed to be in Kodiak this weekend but sadly it was cancelled. Shame too as the weather is great all over the state. 

So now comes the summer frenzy, and enjoying good weather for the next 3 months. And I am very much looking forward!

Spring’s Sprung is Broke

18 May

The only flowers blooming today were these wooden tulips. I’ll have to plant some soon.


I think it’s pretty safe to say that everyone is ready for spring now. I do believe that today was the last snowfall of the season though.

Last week I went to Talkeetna with a friend. The weather was gorgeous, and while flowers may be reluctant, Denali was out in full bloom.


I think this little guy was also a bit optimistic. Not too sure where he had flown in from.


I know the cold isn’t for everyone, but personally I think it’s worth these views.

ImageHope your spring has been blooming in it’s own unique way!