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Sweltering Renovations

23 May

I’ve been in NC for the last month, working slowly on getting the inside of my house in shape. I thought it would be all done by now. How I always seriously misjudge the length of time these tasks take. It turned out I needed to strip all my trim due to failing paint. This is a mind numbing, seriously tedious, and extremely hot and dusty task.┬áIt’s even worse than repairing drywall, and that hasn’t been much of a fun time either. Unfortunately another trip will be needed in August, to finish (hopefully) what remains when I leave. Someday I hope I can come down here and just enjoy being here – seeing friends and visiting the beach. Someday!

I’m ready to get home. I am definitely looking forward to a summer of hiking and long summer days. If anyone wants to see the most beautiful state in the Union, come on up…..